Overview of construction project management services

DRB ASSOCIATES manages construction projects by controlling the time, cost and quality of a project from pre-design through move-in. DRB ASSOCIATES coordinates all aspects of pre-design budgeting and programming, the owner’s selection of architects and engineers, the design, procurement, construction and move-in.

Project Start-Up

Successful projects start with the program, budget and schedule in balance. DRB ASSOCIATES helps get your project off on the right track by providing several critical activities before the start of design. Comprehensive project launching services provided by DRB ASSOCIATES include:

➢ A management plan to fit the specific project and client needs
➢ A complete project budget including construction costs and related fees and expenses
➢ A detailed construction budget to match the program of requirements
➢ A comprehensive Critical Path Method master project schedule indicating milestones, responsibilities and dependencies
➢ A management information and reporting system designed to meet your requirements
➢ Assistance in selecting architects, engineers and other project consultants best suited for your project

Design Phase

DRB ASSOCIATES manages the design process and controls the cost and schedule to deliver your project within budget and on time. This is accomplished through a variety of tasks:

➢ Detailed, component cost estimates at every design submittal
➢ Practical recommendations for solving potential budget problems
➢ Continuous review of design for conformance to program requirements
➢ Life-cycle cost analysis & value engineering to maximize the value of your construction dollar
➢ Constructability and coordination reviews to minimize construction problems and change orders
➢ Concise recommendations to facilitate the decision-making process
➢ Coordination of the permitting process, including pre-application reviews with planning, building and fire departments
➢ Management of the architect/engineer team to timely completion

Bid and Award Phase

DRB ASSOCIATES assists in the selection of the right contractor(s) for the job and negotiates a price for construction. Construction procurement services include:

➢ Coordinating production of clear and understandable bid documents
➢ Conducting “pre-bid” conferences to answer questions and clarify requirements in order to avoid costly misinterpretations of the plans and specifications
➢ Evaluating the bids and making a recommendation for award of construction contract
➢ Developing and negotiating construction contracts and expediting contract execution

Construction Phase

DRB ASSOCIATES provides project control in quality assurance, cost control, claims avoidance and schedule adherence. Construction phase services include:
➢ Conducting “pre-construction” conferences to promote a clear understanding of requirements of each team member
➢ Developing computerized Critical Path Method networks to increase control of the schedule
➢ Tying progress payments to construction progress so you pay only for work in place
➢ Expediting submittal review and approval to avoid delays
➢ Reconciling issues early and objectively to prevent costly escalation of construction disputes
➢ Chair weekly project status meetings and record decision approvals
➢ Prepare weekly construction status memorandums
➢ Prepare periodic project cost reports
➢ Managing the change order process to protect your interests
➢ Coordinating the efforts of multiple contractors

Project Close-Out

DRB ASSOCIATES helps bridge the gap between the end of construction and the start of your operations. The following project close-out and relocation services are provided:

➢ Expediting the contractors punch list items and closing out the construction contract by tracking all items to completion
➢ Obtaining all as-built drawings, warrantees, guarantees and O&M manuals
➢ Obtaining lien releases from all contractors and vendors
➢ Prepare final cost report and project manual which contains all of the above items
➢ Participate in evaluation and selection of furniture, data/telecommunications systems, security systems, and other systems as required