Our company – DRB ASSOCIATES

Founded in 1995, DRB Associates is a leader in providing Owner’s Representation, Construction Management & Project Management Advisory Services. We’re passionate about putting our clients best interests first and at the heart of every project.

DRB ASSOCIATES is a small business (certified by the State of California/OSDC) formed in 1995 to assist clients in meeting their facility requirements by managing the planning, design and construction of their building programs.  As a professional project management firm, DRB ASSOCIATES offers clients an array of consulting services ranging from site selection and pre-design planning through design management, entitlement/permit processing and construction management.  Over the past several years, DRB ASSOCIATES has managed the planning, design and construction of large scale redevelopment projects as well as complex infill projects on small parcels of land for a variety of public, private and institutional clients.

DRB ASSOCIATES specializes in providing pro-active planning and management services to maximize the value of project expenditures and meet our clients schedule/operational requirements.  DRB ASSOCIATES brings a multi-disciplinary approach to the facilities planning and development process.  A combination of design management, value engineering, permit expediting, cost estimating and scheduling expertise enables DRB ASSOCIATES to assist clients in meeting project goals and program requirements. The extensive background of DRB ASSOCIATES in planning and implementing building programs involving both public and private interests provides the necessary experience to successfully guide projects with sensitive planning issues and tight budgets to timely completion.


  • ➢ Provides program management, project management and construction management services to owners and tenants for building programs
  • ➢ Provides feasibility studies and site selection services to owners, developers, tenants and prospective investors
  • ➢ Assists municipalities in planning the redevelopment of underutilized land and facilities
  • ➢ Assists lenders with project loan risk analysis and management


Our Approach – Creative solutions to complex situations

At DRB Associates, we believe the best way for an owner to maintain control of a project is to be represented by sensible and knowledgeable management. Our purpose is to protect the owner’s interests.

From the beginning, when the need for the project is understood and the program is identified, realistic schedules and budgets must be created to guide expectations. On any scale a construction project is complex; it involves a multitude of materials, trades and professions, and there are numerous variables that can impact the owner’s schedule and budget. The best way to manage these inherent risks is to reduce uncertainties and improve predictability within the process, from early design through to occupancy and maintenance. Experience is key and DRB Associates provides the expertise and leadership to assemble and coordinate a team to achieve our client’s objectives.
Serving as owner’s representatives and advocates, we:

  • ➢ Evaluate and address critical project elements from concept to completion including cost, schedule, quality and safety
  • ➢ Provide the best advice and innovative solutions available to achieve optimal results
  • ➢ Help navigate through the challenges posed by emerging technologies, new materials and a rapidly changing market
  • ➢ Deliver superior customer service by developing strong, trusting relationships
  • ➢ Repeatedly execute owner initiatives and assignments

Helping to deliver projects on-time, within-budget and with the highest quality possible is a fundamental expectation in which we have built our business. The fact that so many clients turn to DRB Associates time and time again is a testament to the professionalism of our team. No matter how large or small our role is on a project, our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations in every way possible. Our history is defined by hundreds of successful projects. Our future is defined by the success of your next project.